When I bought my bike from my local bike shop, the shop fit me and it took 20 minutes, why does a fitting at ACME take 3 hours?

Most bike shops are in the business of selling bikes, not necessarily bike fits. At ACME, bicycle fittings is pretty much the main source of business and as such, we take it quite seriously and take the time to sweat every detail.

I am not a very serious rider, is a bike fitting really for me?

ABSOLUTELY, the riders who can benefit most from a bike fitting are newcomers or those who are just trying to get in shape. A bike fitting will make you more comfortable, greatly reduce your chance of injury and will make cycling much more enjoyable for you; all of these will greatly increase your chances of reaching your goals.

What makes a fitting different at ACME than some of the other fit specialists around?

Quite a few things actually, for one, we take our time and rarely see more than one client a day. At ACME every single fitting is done on the Guru Dynamic Fit unit, a robotic fitting bicycle which allows us to be extremely thorough in the search for your perfect position. ACME also follows a slightly different approach to bike fitting than most other fit studios; ACME does not believe in generalities or rules of thumb, but only on approaches that truly consider the relationship between man (or woman) and machine. ACME places a strong emphasis on posture and riding form, the goal of every fit is to find a position which allows you to comfortably ride with good technique.

What proportion of your clients are racers?

ACME’s client base can be broken approximately into thirds; one third being road racers, one third being recreational riders and one third being Triathletes. Each one of these subsets has specific bike fit needs which ACME is well poised to address.

I have both a road and a time trial bicycle; can the fit data from one bicycle be applied to the other?

Unfortunately not, road bike and time trial fits are two mutually exclusive items and very little actually carries over from one to the other. ACME does offer discounted rates when doing both a road and time trial fit on the same day, please contact ACME for the details.

What is the number one problem you see with your clients?

By far the biggest problem that I see is people sitting on uncomfortable bike saddles which can cause problems far beyond genital pain and numbness. The wrong bike seat can cause low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, problems digesting food, limited oxygen absorption and even nerve damage. As such, we spend a considerable amount of time during each fitting trying out different saddles until we find your perfect match.