“It will be one of the best decisions you can make to help you take your triathlon performance to the next level."

“After my first season last year as a new triathlete, during which I trained and raced with a road bike, I decided to get a tri bike. I went to Jonathan for a bike fitting and also ended up getting my Guru from him. Jonathan provides an absolutely premium service. He took his time during my fitting, was extremely methodical and detailed, and kept me very well informed about what he was doing and why. He is extremely knowledgeable, and just as importantly, can convey that knowledge in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. After the fitting, Jonathan provided several recommendations of different bikes, and took the time to discuss them with me, offering a very balanced view of the pros and cons of each one (and he recommended bikes from various different brands). As an older triathlete who is very low-tech, he has been remarkably patient with me in explaining all of the mechanics of my bike. His support overall has been great and has made all of the difference in the world in adjusting to my tri bike. I love my Guru and have already seen the big difference it has made in my race performance. I can’t recommend Jonathan and ACME Bicycle Co. enough. It will be one of the best decisions you can make to help you take your triathlon performance to the next level.”

Demetra A. – Age Group Triathlete


“You don’t need to be a serious cyclist to get a good bike fit.”

"You don’t need to be a serious cyclist to get a good bike fit. But I became one, in part, because of the bike fit Jonathan gave me. I was admittedly nervous about getting a bike fit, but I wanted to get a new race bike and needed to make sure the size was right for me. Jonathan had everything set up when I arrived, took his time with me and explained each step as we moved from saddle height to bar reach, crank length, and we even discussed different components available on the market today. He adjusted each component meticulously until it was spot on, and the fantastic technology he used served to reinforce the measurements and geometric angles he had already set. His experience and professionalism eased my anxiety, and the fact he’s an accomplished and active Iron Man triathlete reassured me further that I was in good hands. I got my new bike, it feels and rides great, and it fits like nobody’s business. I had an excellent experience, Jonathan’s a really nice guy, I trust him and definitely recommend ACME. Go see him for your bike fit."

Bruce van-S – Road Racer


"I have had an excellent experience with ACME. Jonathan worked with me to build the perfect road bike to meet my needs and budget. He guided me thoughtfully through the entire process and the result was an excellent fitting custom bike that I love. Great expertise and customer service."

Calvin H. – Road Rider and Triathlete


"I’ve had a couple fittings before, but the fit I received at ACME was, by far, the best. Using top-of-the-line fit software, my optimal body position was determined not just by science, but by being asked how I felt with each minor adjustment. I never felt like I was being pushed or goaded into a particular position (which I’d experienced with other fittings). Rather, my body let us know when it did or didn’t feel comfortable. In this sense, my fitting at ACME was both more artful, and more scientific, than fittings I received elsewhere. Each subsequent visit to ACME resulted I’m the same, consistent attention to detail."

Rahmin P – Age Group Triathlete


“Using top-of-the-line fit software, my optimal body position was determined not just by science, but by being asked how I felt with each minor adjustment.”

"From start to finish it was obvious that Jonathan Blyer has a great amount of both passion and knowledge when it comes to bike fitting. His dedication to making you comfortable and efficient on the bike addresses every little detail. He will spend whatever amount of time necessary to make sure you are fine-tuned to your machine. He understands that every single rider is different, and you cannot just go “by the book” to produce the optimal fit. Having a wide selection of saddles in his studio was also a major plus. I was able to try many different brands/models and end my long search for a comfortable saddle. I already feel so much better in my new position, and am looking forward to a strong season thanks to JB’s help! The trip from PA to NY was definitely well worth it. Great studio, great equipment, great guy!"

Laura Kline – Reigning Age Group Duathlon World Champion


"Jonathan Blyer and Acme Bicycle Co. can get their hands on just about any bicycle related product available on the market. I went to Acme recently looking to upgrade a few items on my tri-bike and not only was he able to get me everything I needed the mechanical work was meticulous.

As for bike fitting: Simply put Jonathan Blyer is a “Super Genius”. Since 2008, I have been fit on a triathlon bike, by just about every major system, and sought out the advice of many highly regarded fitters – Simply put, Jonathan, with his years of experience and the assistance of the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit and the Retul Technology, make him one of the elite bike fitters in the country. After years of searching for a comfortable and truly sustainable fit – Jonathan recently was able to help me finally obtain, what I believe to be my most comfortable, yet sustainable position ever. Jonathan will listen to your concerns, apply his years of fitting experience, combined with the latest technology and find your ideal, most comfortable and sustainable position, all within the comforts of his Brooklyn chic bike studio. A fitting by Jonathan is a must have for anyone who wants to be comfortable in the saddle. Thank you so much Jonathan!!!!!!!"

J. Tolud – Attorney and future IronMan


"I’ve come late to the cycling party and as an older rider I know a little about the potential for repetitive stress injuries damping the enthusiasm for a sport (tennis, mogul skiing, golf, etc.) When I was shopping for my new bike I experienced a lot of set up sessions and came to realize that measuring evaluating and fitting is usually a static process. That is, you sit on the bike or even just give measurements off the bike. And none of those measurements are particularly rigorous or precise. I did some research and found that technology has evolved and that the use of video and computer aided analysis and modeling can be applied to bike fitting for a precise, motion based assessment that truly captures all the variables involved in pedaling and sitting on a bike frame.

I found Jonathan Blyer – a mechanical engineer, triathlete and fellow cyclist who happens to enjoy working with people who truly want to trim their ride for maximum comfort and performance. When you sign up for Jonathan’s evaluation you get an afternoon of his undivided attention, advice, guidance and experience in a very pleasant, sunny space in a nice, easy to reach part of Brooklyn. The tool that Jonathan uses to help you find your best fit is a very sophisticated system that enables him to adjust and measure every possible combination of factors that you can change or adjust on a bike. It then captures your motion and efficiency in various combinations of adjustment so that you can react to both your comfort and your efficiency/power. You dial in, test, dial in, test and ultimately find the best set of adjustments for you and your bike(s). For me, the time and cost were a terrific bargain. For example, one of the tips Jonathan shared as a result of his observations was that I tend to “point my toes” while riding. He suggested that I gradually adapt to lowering my heels so that I can recruit more muscles into the motion. Suffice to say . . . the first day I took my newly adjusted bike out on the road I set seven new personal records in Strava"

Duncan L. – Recreational road rider